Ilyse Kusnetz

Ilyse Kusnetz Ilyse Kusnetz (1966-2016), poet, essayist, and journalist, is the author of Angel Bones (Alice James Books, 2019), Small Hours (winner of the T.S. Eliot Prize for Poetry from Truman State University Press in 2014), and The Gravity of Falling. Her work has appeared in The New Yorker, Orion Magazine, Rattle, Guernica Daily, Islands Magazine, Kyoto Journal, and The Normal School, among others. She earned a PhD in contemporary feminist and postcolonial British literature from the University of Edinburgh, and she guest-edited Scottish poetry features for Poetry International and the Atlanta Review. She is the lead voice and lyricist for the Interplanetary Acoustic Team, and their debut album 11 11 (Me, Smiling) was released in 2018. A professor at Valencia College, Ilyse lived with her husband, Brian Turner, in Orlando, Florida.