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Moon Tide Press was founded in 2006 by journalist and poet Michael Miller. For a decade, the press published full-length collections, anthologies, and featured a Poet of the Month on their website—always bringing new and necessary voices to the forefront of the Southern California poetry scene and beyond.​

In January 2017, Moon Tide Press was passed on to Eric Morago, who has taken over as its new publisher and editor-in-chief. Eric continues to build on Miller's successful publishing history and has brought the press into a new and exciting future.​

Moon Tide Press will continue to focus on new, diverse, and/or daring voices. We are in search of well-crafted poetry that is smart, imaginative, honest, and engaging—poetry that invites its audience to come back for seconds and thirds.

If this sounds like the poetry you write, consider submitting to us. If this sounds like the poetry you enjoy reading, please browse our titles, follow us on social media, and stay tuned for our future authors.

Moon Tide Press

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Acknowledgements & Permissions

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